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One of the skin problems that most bother women is dark circles. The dreaded dark spots under the eyes appear frequently and their causes are varied. They can be associated with genetics, heredity, aging, dry skin, as well as excessive crying, mental or physical stress, lack of sleep, or inadequate diet.

Avoiding dark circles and decreasing eyelid swelling is possible through some changes in habits, such as eating fruits, and using sunscreen and sunglasses. Nature also gives strength. Some ingredients such as teas, milk, rose water, and tomato can help to treat dark circles naturally.

Rose water, tomato, apple, and mint are some of the homemade ingredients that can be used against dark circles.

To treat dark circles naturally, check out ten natural ways by Colors Nation that will collaborate with the mitigation of this enemy of beauty.

Table of Contents

1. Chamomile Tea or Green Tea

Chamomile tea soothes and moisturizes the eye area and helps to treat dark circles naturally. It has soothing properties that minimize dark circles under the eyes. Plus, it works as a great skin tonic to treat dark circles naturally.

Another option is green tea, which is an antioxidant and improves blood circulation, helping to treat dark circles naturally. Black tea can also be a good alternative and has the same properties.

How to use: prepare the tea a little stronger, using 2 bags. Once ready, put it in the fridge and let it cool. Make compresses with cotton and leave them on the eyes for 20 minutes.

2. Cucumber

Cucumber works as an astringent and has properties that also help to treat dark circles naturally. Instantly soothes tired and puffy eyes and also tones the skin around the eyes.

How to use: Cut the cucumber into thick slices. Store in the fridge for half an hour. Wash the eye area and place the chilled, sliced ​​cucumber over the eyes. Let it acts for 30 minutes.

treat dark circles naturally

3. Potato

Potatoes contain natural lightening substances that soften the purplish color of the eyes, help reduce puffiness, and to treat dark circles naturally.

How to use: leave the potato in the fridge for 30 minutes. Cut them into slices and place them over the eyes, letting them act for 20 minutes. Then, wash the area with warm water to activate circulation.

4. Tomato

Tomatoes are rich in vitamins, lycopene, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and magnesium. Because it contains anti-inflammatory properties, tomato can help to treat dark circles naturally.

How to use: Mix a teaspoon of tomato juice with a teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply this mixture to the dark circles and let it act for ten minutes. Rinse with clean water.

5. Rose water

Rose water contains vitamins A and C, has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, and helps balance the skin’s pH. The application provides a soothing effect on the eyes.

how to use: boil half a liter of water and pour two fresh rose petals. Let it boil for two minutes and after it cools down, make compresses with a cotton ball for 10 minutes.

6. Almond Oil

Almond oil is another ingredient that benefits the delicate area around the eyes. When using it regularly, it is possible to notice a lightening of dark circles.

How to use: before going to bed, apply the oil to the dark circles, massaging gently. Leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning with cold water.

7. Coldwater

Cold water has the ability to constrict blood vessels under the eyes. This process can help a lot in reducing puffiness and dark circles.

How to use: moisten a cloth in cold water and place it directly on your closed eyelids for 15 minutes. It is also possible to wrap some ice cubes in a cloth and place it under your eyes.

treat dark circles naturally

8. apple

The apple can also be used to treat dark circles naturally due to the tannic acid present in it, whose ability is to lighten the skin tone.

how to use: cut a ripe apple into thick pieces. Place the apple slices under your eyes and let them sit for about half an hour. Wash the skin area with cold water.

9. Mint

Mint is one of the most effective remedies to treat dark circles naturally. By giving a cooling effect and having soothing properties, mint leaves help to remove dark circles in a very natural way. The tingling sensation caused by mint helps to increase blood flow to the eye area.

How to use: Carefully crush five fresh mint leaves. Apply the obtained mixture around the eyes and let it act for five to ten minutes. Then wash the area.

10. Milk

The lactic acid present in milk helps to treat dark circles naturally and soothe irritation.

How to use: moisten cotton in whole milk and place it over the eyes and let it act for ten minutes.

Prevent and avoid the appearance of dark circles

The body of some people has a tendency the accumulation of melanin in the eye area. This is a genetic, hereditary problem that makes the skin darker and causes dark circles to form. On the other hand, some bad habits can also cause the appearance of dark circles, such as poor diet, lack of sleep, and dry skin. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent and avoid the appearance of dark circles by changing small habits in your daily routine. Know how:

  • Sleep well: eight hours of sleep a day are recommended for healthy skin.
  • Avoid sugar consumption: poor diet causes blood vessels in the eye region to be dilated, leaving the region darkened. Include antioxidant-rich foods such as fruits, cabbage, and leafy greens in your diet. The antioxidant helps to decrease inflammation throughout the body.
  • Avoid the use of cigarettes and alcohol: the more the vessels in the eyelid region dilate, the greater the darkening of the region. Cigarettes and alcoholic beverages make the vessels under the eyelid more visible, as they dilate and increase their blood flow.
  • Wear sunglasses: Exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause dark circles to pigmentation. The use of sunglasses with lenses that contain good UV protection is indicated as prevention, as well as sunscreen.
  • Moisturize the eye area: look for a light moisturizer with gentle, natural ingredients, such as aloe vera.

As with most beauty problems, prevention is always better than cure. But if your dark circles do not improve even with the alternatives listed above, the ideal is to consult a dermatologist.