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In addition to affecting aesthetics, split ends can cause damage to the hair cortex. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of split ends. Check out!

Haircare is a concern for most people because appearance is very important for building self-esteem. One of the most common problems is excessive hair loss or split ends.

Sometimes it can seem difficult to take care of the highlights, but there are tips and tricks to apply in your daily routine to get rid of split ends. If we have aroused your curiosity, continue reading this article.

Get Rid of Split Ends

What are double ends?

Without restrictions, any type of hair can have problems with split ends, which is nothing more than when the hair cuticle is weakened, causing fragmentation of the strands.

Initially, this may seem to be just an aesthetic problem, however, if not resolved in the short term, it can cause damage to the hair cortex, such as falls, brittle strands, and opacity, for example.

Main causes of split ends

The whole process that attacks the capillary region, collaborates so that the cuticle is damaged, thus causing split ends. This becomes even worse when these processes become repetitive and common within a period of time.

Some of the main aggravating factors are:

chemical processes (smoothing, progressive, and dyeing );

use of heat equipment directly on the hair (iron and dryer);

exposure to the sun frequently.

Tips to get rid of split ends

To make this process even easier, we separate some tips that are simple to do and can be implemented in everyday life. Check out!

Hydrate periodically

It is important that you explore the different types of hydrations. For this, it is necessary to understand what your hair type is and how long there is a need to perform new procedures.

An ideal hydration routine is to perform between 15 and 30 days, to help the cuticles to remain firm.

Invest in wetting and rebuilding

These two processes are essential for beautiful, healthy hair. Humectation is performed using natural oils and can be done weekly. The main benefit of this treatment is that it forms a layer that protects the hair from external agents, such as the sun.

Hair reconstruction, nothing more than its name suggests, is the process of replacing and strengthening hair keratin, the main vitamin responsible for structuring and maintaining the hair. It is important to remember that keratin is decreasing daily, so there is a need to carry out this process at least once a week.

split ends

Use an edge fixer

Tip fixers can be manufactured in different types and can vary between some oils. The main purpose of this product is to repair hair damage. In addition to sealing the fiber, it moisturizes and nourishes.

Count on a hair thermal protector

This product is essential if you use dryers, diffusers, and flat irons. It is essential to create a protective layer and not allow the heat of these procedures to reach the hair directly.

Keeping the hair more protected, it collaborates directly with the aesthetics, helping the locks to become more shiny, soft, and with a loose movement, without looking greasy, for example.

Cut the ends

There is no problem that when you find unwanted split ends in your hair you decide to cut the strands, but for this to take effect, it is necessary that the cut is carried out precisely where they are located.

It is recommended to follow up with a professional, as he can offer better resources and indicate the correct treatment for your hair type.

Bet on finishers

The finisher is another product that helps protect the hair against external aggressions, improving hair health and shine. In addition, it serves, in most cases, to finish a hairstyle, for example. Thus adding to the aesthetics and need for highlights.

Make a hair schedule

A capillary hair schedule is divided into three main treatments, namely: hydration, nutrition, and reconstruction, as already mentioned in this article previously. Each of the steps is responsible for solving some of the problems encountered. The best alternative is to merge these treatments for better results.