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With the hottest season of the year officially approaching, many people have already started to put their faces in the sun. During this period, the hair is even more exposed and suffers aggression from solar radiation, water, sea, chlorine, and pollution. At this point, summer hair care can make all the difference!

You need to know that UV rays cause hair oxidation, which facilitates the loss of proteins from the strands, in addition to other harm. And also when exposed to seawater, the hair cuticles open up and the strands tend to become more porous. Protecting and treating your locks daily is the best solution to keep them healthy even after weeks of constant exposure to the sun, the sea, and the pool.

To help you with your summer hair care, we’ve put together the 8 best damage prevention and repair tips. Check out!

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First of all, meet the hair haters in summer!

To invest in the most appropriate summer hair care, you need to know what the villains are during this period. Natural agents such as sun, sea salt, and wind are the main ones on the list since hair exposure is much more frequent outdoors. Understand the dangers of the hottest season of the year, before checking out the care tips:

  • UVA and UVB rays stimulate the loss of keratin and destroy and oxidize hair that becomes dry. Excessive sun exposure can even burn the scalp and flake off. And the situation only gets worse for those who have colored hair that can suffer from color fading.
  • The wind is responsible for the super difficult knots to untangle and resulting in broken threads.
  • The salt opens the hair cuticle, leaving them hardened and dull. This happens because it removes all the water present in the hair. The result is cruel: damaged hair, with frizz and split, ends.
  • The sand in contact with the salt and the wind makes the locks even more frizzy.
  • Chlorine weakens the hair fiber and is a danger, especially for blondes. The copper sulfate used in the water treatment leaves the hair greenish, and dry and generates split ends.

1st Tip: Hair hydration is essential to take care of hair in summer

As we said in the previous topic, the drying of the hair is one of the main harm caused by the external agents of the summer. Prolonged exposure to the sun weakens the cuticle which protects the hair fiber and damages its structure, facilitating the loss of water and nutrients. This situation added to the contact with the salt water of the sea and the chlorine of the swimming pool, can cause the “straw effect” of opaque, lifeless threads and dry ends.

summer hair care

To treat and avoid drying, the tip we give is to caprichar in hair hydration. The treatment performed in the beauty salon is the most thorough and effective, but using a good hydration mask at home can also help. Applying once a week is usually enough, but we recommend asking your hairdresser’s opinion to get the frequency of use right.

Here at Colors Nation, you will find the best hydration masks to have at home and you can also do with us the appropriate hair treatment for the needs of your hair.

2nd Tip: Protect your hair from the sun

To prevent the sun from damaging your hair, it is essential to keep your strands protected when spending time outdoors. For this, invest in leave-ins with sun protection against UV rays. The formulations guarantee hair protection from sun damage, by creating a kind of film around the fiber, which prevents the action of aggressive agents.

Other products you can try are oils, such as argan, passion fruit, cupuaçu, andiroba, and apricot oils. They are very efficient, as they form an emollient and resistance film, protecting as if it were a lipid layer.

3rd Tip: Taking care of your hair after the sun is also important

Just as it is important to take care of your hair before and during sun exposure, it is equally crucial that you treat your hair after this period. For this, use products with a repairing and nourishing action during the bath. The idea is to invest in a line dedicated to the treatment of hair sensitized by the sun.

summer hair care tips

As an example of specialized products for summer hair care, we have the Truss Miracle Summer line. It provides a delicious refreshing sensation, has anti-frizz action, and ensures softness and intense shine. In addition, it protects the color from fading.

4th Tip: Wet your hair before and after the dip

You don’t have to deprive yourself of fun at sea or in the pool all the time (because you might accidentally get your hair wet). Our tip to reduce damage and protect the strands during the dip is to wet your hair in the shower beforehand. If you don’t have access to any on-site, you can use a bottle of mineral water.

Thus, the fiber absorbs the “clean” water first and does not accumulate as much chlorine and salt. It is also important to wet the strands with clean water after the dip to remove the accumulation of these elements in the locks. We recommend washing your hair during the day at the beach or pool, as the water helps to remove excess degrading agents from the fiber and the possible accumulation of sand next to the salt water. And don’t forget to reapply the protective leave-in after this rinse.

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5th Summer hair care tip: Use fewer heat tools

One of the advantages, when the temperature is high, is that the hair dries naturally faster. In addition, as the strands can already be sensitized by the heat of the sun during the summer, avoid the use of styling tools such as a hairdryer, iron, and curling iron. These tools tend to dry out the hair. When letting your hair dry naturally, make use of finishers, as they help to shape and give volume in a beautiful way (as well as caring and treating).

summer hair care

You can enjoy experimenting with different hairstyles. A high bun refreshes the back of the neck and makes the look more modern, while a low bun adds sophisticated air. The ponytail is a versatile and foolproof option for both everyday life and special occasions. Already the braid, both in the simpler versions and in the elaborate models, is perfect to give more joviality to the look.

6th Tip: Summer hair care to avoid oily strands

With the high temperatures of summer, it is normal to observe the hair more oily, especially at the root, because the scalp adds the natural oil with the sweat of the body. To restore balance to the region and remove all impurities and residues without drying the locks, invest in a special shampoo for oily scalps. The formulation of this type of product usually purifies both the skin of the region and the hair, in addition to returning the softness and shine of the length and providing a long-lasting feeling of cleanliness.

7th Tip: Invest in hair accessories

Practicality is the secret during the summer to be able to enjoy the season without worries. Hair accessories are perfect to make everyday life easier and give more personality to the look during this period. With them, you can make the looks more charming even with fresh and basic clothes. Just be careful not to smother damp hair with these accessories, so you avoid the risk of causing any irritation to the scalp or even leaving the strands brittle.

hair care in summer

Options such as headbands and headbands even help disguise frizz after a dip in the sea, while elastic bands and clips keep the strands tidy even on windy days. Wearing hats and caps is also a way to protect your hair and especially your scalp from the harmful effects of the strong sun.

8th Tip: Make your hair schedule at Colors Nation

The last and most precious summer hair care tip is to invest in a professional hair schedule at the beauty salon. This is the routine that every woman with highlights and coloring should maintain, before, during, and after being exposed to heat, sea, and pool.