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Hair reconstruction keeps the hair always healthy and beautiful, so it’s important to create a care routine even at home. Check out!

A hair care routine can be effective in keeping strands beautiful, silky, and looking healthy. For this, it is necessary to follow the steps of hydration, nutrition, and capillary reconstruction.

There are several factors, between the use of inappropriate products and exposure to harmful agents, which can damage the hair, causing them to lose their shine and freshness. Thus, reconstruction has great power of recovery.

Want to know what hair reconstruction is? In this post by Colors Nation, you will learn how it works, how and when it should be done and the benefits of this practice. Keep reading!

hair reconstruction

What is hair reconstruction?

Visual observation and porosity testing are ideal to help detect when hair needs care. Hair restoration is the process of correcting problems when the hair has constant breaks, opacity, and porosity.

The effect of harmful agents on the hair and prolonged use of inappropriate chemicals are often responsible for damaging the strands. Reconstruction aims to restore fiber and replace essential proteins and amino acids.

Keratin makes up about 90% of the hair strand and together with the amino acids creatine, arginine, and cysteine, it strengthens the fiber, increasing elasticity and resistance. When these substances are deficient, they damage the hair, hence the need for restoration.

The obvious signs that your hair is screaming for hair restoration:

brittle and elastic threads;

rough texture, dry, with split ends;

dull, dull, and lifeless strands;

easily tangled hair;

presence of permanent frizz.

Here’s how to do the porosity test:

Fill a clear glass halfway with water, place the clean hair strand and wait for 10 minutes. If the thread sinks completely and stabilizes at the bottom of the glass, it is a sign that the hair has high porosity and requires capillary reconstruction.

If the thread remains floating on the surface, the light porosity indicates that only one hydration is enough for hair recovery. In the case of a medium sinking, in the middle of the glass, the porosity is medium and it is necessary to include the nutrition step in the process.

How to do hair reconstruction at home: step by step

To make a powerful and efficient hair reconstruction, the first step is to identify how much the hair are damaged. It is indicated in situations where, in fact, the hair is compromised by the loss of hair mass.

The process to do at home is much simpler than doing it in a beauty salon. This is because the application itself does not require complex steps.

Just follow the step by step and you will have an excellent result:

Step 1: Wash your hair well with a deep cleaning shampoo to eliminate all residues, while opening the hair scales.

Step 2: Repeat the hair washing process, but with a reconstructive shampoo.

Step 3: Remove excess water with a towel, leaving the hair still damp.

Step 4: Split the hair into sections about 2cm wide.

Step 5: Apply liquid keratin or nano keratin to each strand of hair, starting at the nape of the neck until reaching the front of the hair. Avoid the root, respecting the distance of 2 cm.

Step 6: Take a 10-minute break, apply a mask or reconstructive cream massaging all over the hair and let it act for another 20 minutes so that the strands absorb the keratin.

Step 7: Wash all the hair removing the product and then apply a protective serum, letting the hair dry naturally or, if you prefer, using the dryer to advance the process.

If you notice that the hair has a rigid aspect, do not be alarmed, because it is normal after hair reconstruction treatment, due to the use of keratin. To improve, do a hydration 2 days after the procedure to return the shine and softness to the hair.

It is recommended that hair reconstruction be carried out every 15 days, especially on hair subjected to frequent chemical processes or that is exposed to sunlight daily. Otherwise, once every 30 days is enough to keep the strands healthy – just like the lack, excess keratin is harmful to the hair.

In care after hair reconstruction, try to avoid exposure to harmful agents as much as possible, excessive use of flat irons, and frequent application of aggressive chemicals – prioritize shampoos, conditioners, and masks with low pH.

The correct replacement of all the nutrients necessary for the healthy growth and development of the hair is what guarantees the effectiveness of any type of hair treatment. Therefore, even at home, you can rescue the beauty and strength of the hair.

There are several products recommended for hair reconstruction on the market. It is important that, in addition to keratin, they have in their composition the concentration of proteins, bio collagen, minerals, elastin, panthenol, and vitamins.

These and other compositions, you can find on our website. So, at Colors nation, you will have access to solutions like these for total repair and revitalization of hair— hydration, nutrition and reconstruction, and much more!

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What are the benefits of doing hair reconstruction?

As keratin is responsible for constituting the thread and strengthening the hair fiber, its replacement is essential due to loss in everyday life. The greatest benefit of hair reconstruction is precisely to provide this restitution.

The procedure reduces the porosity of the hair, breakage, and opacity, allowing them to be strong, resistant, and healthy.

The reconstruction prepares the hair for a better response to hydration and nutrition treatments. That’s because, when the hair is damaged to the point of requiring keratin replacement, no other hair will have the desired effect, until the hair are rebuilt. With the hair well-nourished, the other steps will be successful.

This attention is important so that your care at home is adequate and does not jeopardize the efficiency of the procedure. In addition, getting the products right influences the effect of reconstruction on the hair, and also the pocket with the expenses that you will have with the products.

Hair reconstruction doesn’t just return hair health, but self-esteem and the desire to take care of yourself more often. After the result, you will realize that it has never been so easy and economical to take care of the highlights.