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Low back pain is very common in our daily lives, isn’t it? When we constantly repeat a bad posture, especially in the work or study environment, the lumbar can end up suffering certain injuries. However, it is possible to get rid of this cycle of discomfort. There are very simple exercises to get relief from lower back pain and strengthen the spine.

Are we going to know and practice these exercises with a lot of responsibility? Colors Nation separates some examples of exercises to get relief from lower back pain and are very suitable for those who suffer from spine pain. Oh, and they can all be performed in your own home, okay?

How to start exercises to get relief from lower back pain at home?

First of all, it is very important to consult a physical educator or physical therapist. These professionals are essential for the correct choice of exercises and series that meet your individual needs.

In addition, when practicing physical activities indoors, it is essential to move carefully and very carefully. The exercises should be developed calmly and the intensity increased only when your body is ready for it. Listen to your body and don’t ignore discomforts and pains during practice, okay?

So, organize a nice corner to practice your exercises, put on comfortable clothes, separate your water bottle and let’s go!

Table of Contents

6 lower back exercises to get relief from lower back pain

exercises to get relief from lower back pain

1. Trunk extension on the ground

Do you work all day looking at your computer and cell phone? Do you realize that your posture is not the most appropriate? Then the trunk extension is for you!

This exercise is very important to get relief from the lower back pain and strengthen the lumbar and relieve possible pain in the spine. As it is a stretching exercise, it helps to reduce muscle tension, in addition to collaborating with your flexibility.

relieve lower back muscle pain

How to make it?

  1. Separate a mat or mat for physical activity;
  2. Lie on your stomach;
  3. Keep your legs extended and support both palms on the floor;
  4. Use the strength of your arms to lift your torso, keeping your hips and legs on the floor;
  5. The idea is that the hands are in the same direction as the shoulders and the head is raised, with the gaze facing forward;
  6. Stay in this position for at least 30 seconds, then lie on your stomach again and repeat the stretch.

2. Lumbar extension

After performing the trunk extension, the repetition of lumbar extension is also a great area-strengthening exercise.

lumbar extension for lower back pain

How to make it?

  1. Separate a mat or mat for physical activity;
  2. Lie on your stomach with your arms, neck, and legs well extended;
  3. Simultaneously, raise your torso and legs, then return to the starting position;
  4. Keep your gaze straight ahead and perform the movements lightly, avoiding tension in the neck muscles;
  5. Perform 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions.

3. Simple bridge exercise

With different versions, bridge exercises are very important tips to strengthen the spine and avoid pain in the lower back.

bridge exercise for lower back pain

How to make it?

  1. Separate a mat or mat for physical activity;
  2. Lie on your back;
  3. Keep your arms straight along your body and your knees bent so that your feet are on the floor;
  4. Then, contract your glutes, abs and then lift your hips towards the ceiling – so that your glutes, back and lower back come off the floor;
  5. Keep your body well aligned from your shoulders to your knees, then lower your hips and do this movement a few times.
  6. You can do 3 sets with 15 repetitions and then gradually increase.

4. Abdominal or isometric plank

The plank is also a classic exercise that helps to strengthen the lower back, as well as is useful to prevent back pain. This exercise works the contraction of muscles and creates resistance in the body.

Abdominal plank for lower back

How to make it?

  1. Separate a mat or mat for physical activity;
  2. Lie on your stomach;
  3. Support your forearms on the floor and then lift your torso, maintaining balance with the balls of your feet. The legs should be straight and straight;
  4. Keep the muscles of the body well contracted and remain in this position for at least 20 seconds;
  5. The idea is to keep the weight of the body on the forearms and on the balls of the feet, increasing resistance.

5. Simple low back stretching

There are many simple stretches to relieve lower back muscle pain, we will show you step by step one of the most traditional ones.

lower back stretching

How to make it?

  1. Separate a mat or mat for physical activity;
  2. Sit on your heels, with your knees bent, aligned and supported on the floor, and your buttocks touching your heels;
  3. Then, bring your torso close to the floor, stretch both arms and bring both hands forward as far as you can, trying to reach the other end of the mat;
  4. The idea is that you keep the position you are sitting in, but keep your torso and hands stretched out on the floor;
  5. Keep your head down, looking towards the mat;
  6. Hold this position for 20 seconds, then raise your torso, relax and repeat the procedure.
  7. See this and other lower back stretching exercises in this video here:

6. Cross-legged stretching

This is a type of stretch that provides quick relieve of lower back muscle pain.

How to make it?

  1. Sit in a chair with your back very straight and look straight ahead;
  2. Lift your right leg and cross it over your left thigh;
  3. Then, lean your torso forward, keeping your spine aligned. You will feel the stretching of the gluteal muscles;
  4. Return to the starting position and repeat the movement, alternating the position of the legs;
  5. Perform 3 sets of 10 to 30 seconds each.

What a relief, no? Stretching and strengthening the lower back is very important to promote stability in the famous “core” region, that is, the center of our body, composed of the abdominal and lumbar muscles. Thus, we avoid pain, discomfort, and possible injuries, as well as ward off a sedentary lifestyle and improve our quality of life and well-being.

Now that you’ve learned some exercises to get relief from lower back pain, enjoy the momentum.