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Want to know how to lose belly fat naturally? This is the main doubt of those who want to lose weight without having to undergo radical diets and continue with a healthier lifestyle. After all, it seems that the “love handles” in the abdomen region are always the hardest to lose!

That’s why we at Colors Nation listed 10 food and exercise tips to speed up the process of losing belly – all, of course, taking into account your health and your limits.

Want to know a little more about functional training? In this article, we explain everything you need to know to lose belly fat naturally!

lose belly fat naturally

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How to lose belly fat naturally: 5 food tips

First of all, it is always important to point out: there is no miracle formula to lose belly fat. According to the personal trainer, losing belly is always a result of weight loss in general, and the only way is by combining training and diet.

“The best way to lose weight is by doing a quality physical activity routine, guided by a good Physical Education teacher, but also accompanied by a balanced diet, guided by a good nutritionist. In the weight loss process, having a balanced diet makes difference. Without it, the result is very difficult”,

That’s because, according to professionals, we can’t lose fat only in specific places. When losing weight, we lose fat in all parts of the body, losing more in the regions with greater concentration. However, when it comes to nutrition, there are at least 5 golden tips. Check it out!

Avoid diets, especially the super-restrictive ones

“What do you mean I should avoid diets if I want to lose belly fat naturally?”, is what you must be thinking right now. But the answer is simple: diet is different from food reeducation. A super strict diet will make you lose belly fat naturally in no time, but the chance of a rebound effect is great – that is, you can gain weight again, and even faster.

Also, a very restrictive diet is not sustainable in the long term. You can develop deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, and other substances that are important for the body to function.

And there’s the issue of well-being: food is not just food, it’s pleasure! So you can’t cut out those foods that give you joy forever. So if you want to lose belly fat naturally, the best thing to do is consult a nutritionist and remodel your diet.

The way you prepare food also affects the number of calories. Baked or boiled foods have less fat than fried foods. See the best oil-free electric fryer deals to prepare food in a practical and healthy way!

Avoid ultra-processed foods and select processed foods well

This is a key point on how to lose belly fat naturally, as ultra-processed foods, in addition to gaining weight, do not bring any benefit to your body. These products are mostly made from artificial ingredients and even contribute to the development of diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

And often these foods are “disguised” as healthy by the industry. For example the cereal bar at the market that has very few calories, or the fit cookie that satiates and promises to help you lose belly fat naturally? The truth is, they have almost no real food. So pay attention to labels and research the ingredients.

On the other hand, minimally processed ingredients are welcome in the diet, as long as they are well-selected and there is moderation in consumption. Cheese, beans, milk, olive oil, and bread are examples of industrialized foods that can be included in the diet to lose belly fat naturally.

Going back to the office? Bringing your own lunch box and snacks is a good strategy to avoid greasy and industrialized food. Check out some electric thermal lunchbox offers to keep food warm like at home!

Speed ​​up your metabolism

Yes, in this case, it’s on the internet and it’s true: ginger or cinnamon tea can be one of the secrets to losing belly fat. Red and pink pepper, green tea, and other foods can also help. That’s because these ingredients are thermogenic, that is, they “warm up” the metabolism. When the body works faster, it burns more calories.

But don’t exaggerate, because excessive consumption can bring other problems. If you already have gastric or heart disease, consult a doctor before introducing these ingredients into your diet.

How about investing in a thermos bottle to take your tea to work? See the best deals at Amazon!

Burn more calories than you consume

This tip seems obvious, but not so obvious, especially if you are aiming to lose belly fat. Surely you’ve heard that a person should consume about 2500 calories a day, but the truth is that the recommended number varies according to each one’s routine. An athlete who trains 8 hours a day needs to consume much more calories than someone who works sitting in an office.

In the pandemic, with the quarantine, the daily caloric expenditure of most people has decreased a lot, it makes sense that a lot of people have gained a few pounds. The solution to losing belly? Eat less, opt for less caloric foods and invest in exercise.

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Start the meal with a plate of salad

Salad is one of the secrets of how to lose belly and will be a great ally in this mission. Vegetables are low in calories and satiating because they “fill” the stomach. Therefore, if you start your meal with a plate of salad, you will have less “space” and less desire to eat more caloric foods, such as carbohydrates.