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Makeup with red lipstick is unanimous among women, regardless of the occasion. Whether for a party or for a night out, it provides a charming and killer look, highlighting femininity, making an impact, and giving a lot of power to those who wear it!

However, some care is important when doing makeup with red lipstick.

It is important, for example, that all the makeup is suitable for the lipstick, which should be the center of attention.

You can’t go wrong using such a traditional resource, right, girls?

Table of Contents

In this post by Colors Nation, you will learn how to do makeup with red lipstick. A step-by-step guide with 6 essential tips.

makeup with red lipstick

How to do makeup with red lipstick step by step

1. Applying red lipstick

The process starts just before applying the lipstick to the lips.

The first step is the exfoliation of this region, being done with the use of a toothbrush and coconut oil, without forcing too much.

After that, you need to leave the tone of the lips neutral, so that they receive a strong tone of red.

So, apply a foundation the color of your skin to achieve that uniformity with the mouth. This shade will be more receptive to lipstick, which will have more vivid color and, consequently, will also stick better on the lips.

Lipstick application must be done with a  specific type of brush for the lips. It could be anyone you already have among your little things. This first layer is lighter, just to spread the red.

Then come up with the lipstick applying as many layers as you like.

The return with the brush is just to finish, drawing the contour of the mouth calmly and giving that final touch!

2. Using concealer

Concealer has great value and utility in makeup with red lipstick.

He is the main character when it comes to leaving your mouth well marked, avoiding those classic smudges that every woman makes when putting on makeup.

It is essential to use this feature, since the red tone is difficult to get right, right?

There are two ways to use concealer.

  • The first is to correct possible smudges that happened while you were applying lipstick. Any trace that remains outside the lip line can be hidden by applying the concealer with the help of a pencil, brush, or even a cotton swab.
  • The other help that the concealer gives is precisely to not let the red expand as you use it, preventing the lipstick from going beyond the lip lines, that is, smudging naturally. For this, contour the lips with concealer after application, using the same items you saw above.

3. How to contour lips with lipstick

Contouring the lips is a real mission!

Not all women can do this perfectly, which ends up giving space to smudges.

However, there is a valuable technique on how to contour lips with lipstick, which can make a lot of difference at this moment, helping to guide the marking movements.

It’s very simple: just make an “X” in the center of the lips, with the upper ends of this marking going to the cupid’s bow. This drawing will help with motor coordination, making the contouring movement more intuitive and helping to balance how much you apply to each side.

Each “leg” of that “X” will naturally lead to one side of the lips, so you should follow that to continue the contour. This drawing works as a kind of guideline, indicating the path you should follow with the lipstick.

4. Matching the Eye

To learn how to wear red lipstick, you need to pay attention to all makeup and not just the lips.

Just like the lips, the eyes also have a lot of power in female expressiveness, so it’s important to get the perfect makeup in this region.

You can make a beautiful and charming combo, and create makeup with red lipstick, amazing!

How to use red lipstick in complete and perfect make-up?

The first tip is to use a cat eyeliner. It will match the tone of your lips very well, giving impact but not stealing the show.

The ideal thing is that you don’t stretch the design too much on the eye, leaving it with the curve outlined in the measure, very sensual, but without exaggeration.

In the eyeshadow, the idea is not to weigh too much on the color, since the red is quite flashy and will take all the attention of your face.

Not to make a mistake, the brown tone is the best choice. The ideal thing is that you blend the eyeshadow well, so it doesn’t look so impactful, giving it a beautiful and precise look.

5. Matching the blush

Makeup with red lipstick tends to make women insecure, as the lip color is too flashy.

But calm down!

This is not a reason to stop using red lipstick, as long as you know how to create a visual balance.

This tip you saw about the shadows, applies to other parts of the makeup.

Blush is a very important part of the production, allowing you to make a facial contour to enhance each type of face,  highlighting the cheekbones and helping to obfuscate any trait that you don’t like so much. In makeup with red lipstick, it is important that it is discreet and sensitive, just to mark.

The color makes all the difference in the choice of blush, so our suggestion is that you work on your makeup with basically 2 shades: pink or terracotta.

As different as they are, they are very close, especially with regard to how they behave in makeup with red lipstick.

It is possible to achieve a beautiful highlight on the face, but if exaggerated, with soft tones that will not leave the makeup loaded and forced. Try both colors and see which one is your favorite!

6. Fixing the red lipstick

One of the great quests of women is how to make makeup last longer.

After all, whether for everyday use or for parties, the trend is that as the hours go by, the entire production starts to come out.

However, for those who want to learn how to do simple makeup with red lipstick, there is an interesting technique to fix it, which brings good results.

For this, you must have a translucent powder, which has no color, practically being transparent.

When applied to the lips, its presence is imperceptible, helping to set and correct the tone of your lipstick.

To apply without mistakes, take a very thin tissue and place it on the lips, applying the powder over this layer of the cloth. It will serve as a filter, preventing over-application. Thus, your lipstick will last much longer, maintaining the impactful tone it has.

With these 6 tips by Colors Nation, there’s no reason to give up makeup with red lipstick, right, girls?

Now it’s time to rock, whatever the occasion!