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Gone are the days when to look great you had to wear heavy makeup. The trend now is natural makeup: the more natural, the better! And do you know natural makeup tips and how to do step by step on which products to use to have this effect?

Fashion is changing, and at the moment, it is bringing a touch of naturalness in all its spheres, such as in the way of dressing, and behaving, and also in the way of makeup, whether in delivery salons or in traditional ones.

Therefore, natural make-up is a priority when choosing makeup artists and the best bridal dress stylists for your special day or your daily routine.

If you are interested and want to know everything about natural makeup tips and how to do step by step, keep reading this post by Colors Nation to join this trend!

natural makeup tips step by step

Natural Makeup Tips: Step by Step

To learn how to do natural make-up, forget about the idea of ​​having a clean face. It is necessary to know how to combine items and invest in products that leave the skin hydrated and healthy to receive the touch-ups, giving the impression that you just woke up and went out into the street looking beautiful.

So, for you to face the day naturally elegant, you need to invest in products that correct the skin, give it texture, and then receive a delicate lipstick, a soft blush, and an illuminator in the corner of the eyes.

And for you to join for good, we have selected some natural makeup tips and how to do step by step and, of course, rock it!

Natural make tips-up products

First of all, you need to prepare your skin for natural makeup. To do this, you must sanitize the region as follows:

  1. With a specific soap for your skin type (oily, combination, or dry), wash your entire face;
  2. Use the facial tonic to remove the impurities that the soap didn’t handle. It also prevents clogged pores;
  3. At this point, if you still have makeup residue on your skin, use makeup remover;
  4. Apply the specific natural facial moisturizer for your skin, helping to smooth expression lines;
  5. Apply sunscreen to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays and visible light.
natural makeup tips

Step #1: Look for lighter products

Now your skin is clean and ready to receive the first products to make natural makeup.

If you want to even out the skin and hide those blemishes on your face, without making them look heavy, use similar, lighter products like BB Cream instead of foundation.

This product allows the skin to have a uniform texture and is ready to receive the next touch-ups. At the same time, it has protection from the sun’s rays and also moisturizes the region.

Step #2: Use concealer on your dark circles

With a concealer, exactly the same color as your skin, apply it only to the dark circles area to create a natural makeup. This trick helps so that the appearance is smoothed and your skin doesn’t look tired.

If you have purple, bluish, or greenish dark circles, the tip is to use orange concealer and then beige.

With the help of the brush, make movements from the bottom up, or, if you prefer, with the tip of your finger, give a few taps of the product on the skin.

Use the inverted triangle technique and try to use concealer sparingly so that your makeup doesn’t get smudged in daylight.

With clean skin and uniform texture, it’s time to choose the most specific touch-ups and products.

Step #3: Soft blush

Apply blush only to the apples of your cheeks for a natural makeup look. On hot days, look for peach-toned products. One of the best summer beauty tips!

And not to leave skin care in winter and autumn, you can use a more reddish tone to give the idea of ​​a naturally sunburned face.

Step #4: Mascara

To maintain a powerful look, but without exaggeration, lengthening and volumizing eyelashes mascaras are the right choices! The mask helps to lift the look, allowing greater depth to your look.

Well highlighted lashes can make a difference in your production. Therefore, you can also bet on natural make-up with just the mascara for the eyelashes and a concealer for the skin.

Step #5: Eyebrow Pencil

Without giving too much emphasis to the contour of the eyebrows, use a pencil lighter than your hair and focus only on the places that really need filling, as the eyebrows should not be marked too much.

If you want, smudge the color to make the design less marked and make your makeup look natural.

Step #6: Eye shadow

If you don’t mind using eyeshadow, choose neutral and light tones, like a pearly beige. This tone will give elegance and even more prominence to the natural make.

Step #7: Lipstick for the lips

For the lips, give preference to neutral colors, such as rosé and mouth tones. The rosy brown also goes very well to make natural makeup.

If you have very light or dry lips, choose the topcoat to give your makeup a discreet highlight. The topcoat, a modern version of the gloss from the 2000s, allows greater definition and makes the mouth more voluminous, in addition to hydrating the region.

The lacquered effect of the top coat is on the rise, and you can use it both in the transparent version and in the pale pink to make them look lighter.

Step #8: Illuminator

Unlike previous years when the highlighter was used to highlight the high points of the face, now it is used to emphasize small points of the face, such as the tip of the nose, the top of the cheekbones, and the inner corner of the eyes. Apply it and then smudge it a lot so you don’t leave your face too marked.

Natural makeup is a trend for all skin types and is welcome in all seasons. This style shows that you don’t have to overdo it to have a striking and beautiful look. So, bet on this style and rock out on several occasions, if we’re talking about wedding makeup!

Finally, pay attention to the tones of the chosen products and keep your skin always hydrated and well cared for.